The Minshull name is synonymous for taking the biggest bears in Manitoba.  With a couple of Grand Champions for the province and many consistently in the Manitoba Big Game record books.

You will enjoy your hunting trip

For the Minshull family, hunting has been a passion for as long as I can remember.  We grew up with the attitude that good game management would lead to trophies for the future.  I have guided professionally for decades including moose, deer, and bears.  I have always worked hard to put my clients in the best situation possible in order to improve the likelihood of taking trophy animals.  From using everything technology has to offer, to offering tips and tricks that give the hunter the upper hand, we provide our clients with a great experience.  Whether it's large platform stands equipped with comfortable chairs or top notch skinning and trophy care, you will be hard pressed to find anything to complain about.  Full size bug screens are also used for your comfort if wanted, so the only thing you have to slap is your cheque book down for a deposit. 


​US Residents $3400 US funds - 20% deposits

International clients $4900 US

Includes    -tags                                  -guided to and from stands

                 - 5 day hotel and meals     -skinning

                 -5 day hunt                         

US Residents $2700 US funds without hotel and meals included - $700 deposit